10 Organizations You Can Help that Fight Plastic Pollution

Do you want to do more to fight our world’s plastic crisis, beyond being a conscious consumer? Donating to organizations fighting for the crisis is a great way to do so! If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry, in this blog, we’ve listed 10 organizations doing amazing jobs to save plastic waste that you can donate and contribute to! 


1) Plastic Soup Foundation

This Dutch organization focuses on how plastics impact human health. They do campaigns to stop microplastics, microbeads, microfibres and raising educational awareness through school and summits about the danger of ‘plastic soup.’

If you’re passionate about fighting the impact of plastic in our health, help chip in here!

2) Plastic Bank

Help tackle two big global problems in one with Plastic Bank: plastic pollution and global poverty. This organization helps plastic pollution by collecting plastic and providing jobs & economic opportunities for people in underprivileged communities.

They have retrieved over 400,000,000 plastic bottles, 1.5 billion coffee cups, and over 500 billion plastic straws by the time of this writing! Click this link to find out more about the amazing work they’re doing. 

3) Take 3 for the Sea

Our third organization is Take 3 for the Sea - an Australian charity based on a simple movement: take three plastic debris you find on every beach trip!

Take 3 also raises awareness in schools, early childhood education and local communities. Learn more about what they do and join the movement here!

4) Litterati

Litterati is a movement you can join with two things you already have: you and your camera. By snapping photos of the plastic waste you find, you’ll help Litterati build ‘Litter Data’ that they use to change plastic consumer habits from influencing government policy to corporations’ business models.

So, start snapping away and become a part of the movement - download their app here!

5) Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is a popular marine wildlife organization that fights for sea life conservation. One of their projects is cleaning up oceans - but they’re much more beyond that, as they do many other campaigns revolving justice for sea animals. Take your part in saving our sea wildlife with Sea Shepherd here!

6) Ocean Conservancy

Another major ocean conservation organization, Ocean Conservancy strives to protect our changing oceans. While Sea Shepherd focuses mostly on wildlife, Ocean Conservancy mostly does work on preventing habitat changes, from ocean acidification to protecting Mexico’s gulf and the Arctic, and more.

You can help protect our oceans, too - click this link to discover and donate to Ocean Conservancy!

7) Plastic Oceans

You might have watched the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean.’ If you have, you can support the organization behind the film at Plastic Oceans - they also do big campaigns in education and raising awareness on single-use plastics.

You can help these champions raise more awareness in this link. If you haven’t seen their documentary, go on your Netflix account and add it to your watch list!

8) The Ocean Cleanup

As its name suggests, The Ocean Cleanup uses cutting-edge technology to clean up our oceans from plastic pollution. Their goal is to reduce 90% of ocean plastic pollution by 2040 - find out more about what they do here! 

9) Surfrider

Help surfers defend our oceans with Surfriders. Together, they’ve achieved major wins from banning plastic bags in California to standing up against oil drilling in the Atlantic. There might also be a local Surfrider chapter in your area - click here to learn more about them or donate! 

10) Plastic Pollution Coalition

Last but definitely not least, Plastic Pollution Coalition is an alliance for businesses, governments, policymakers, and individuals that unites together to combat plastic pollution.

They help promote zero-waste values and influence regulations in governments and businesses to reduce plastic waste, find out more in this link!


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Article written by Dan Saputra

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