4 Sustainable Food Packaging Alternatives You Can Start Using

From plastic cups, straws, takeout forks, to fruits wrapped in cling wraps - plastic is all around our food packaging, and the problem is deeper than we thought. Ever since the 1950s, we have produced 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic, and only 9% of those waste have been recycled. 

While plastic pollution is a big global problem humanity must tackle together, luckily, there are ways to help - and it all starts from you. Food packaging is wasteful, and we’ve rounded up four swaps from our stores you can get today to create a less wasteful kitchen!

1) Beeswax wraps

Stop wrapping your leftover salad bowl or half-cut cucumbers with plastic wraps! Our store is stocked with Abeego beeswax wraps made out of beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil, and hemp. The all-natural ingredients will keep your fruits, veggies and cheese fresh with no nasty plastic chemicals.

With good care, they can last for one year. Instead of wasting money on constantly buying plastic wraps, save your wallet (and our planet) with beeswax wraps! They come in two options, you can buy them in a three-variety size or in two large-sized wraps.

2) Stasher bags

When it comes to stasher bags, calling them ‘versatile’ is an understatement. These sealable stashers are BPA free, made from pure platinum silicone - and they come in all sizes.

Fill salmon fillets or veggie patties on the half-gallon bags, keep freshly cut fruits lush inside these snack-sized bags, bring your sandwich (or stationeries, chargers and more!) to work with the sandwich-sized bag, or pack a standup bag on your trip to a local bulk store and fill it up with your favorite snacks!

3) Container

Tired of using plastic containers for your lunches or using plastic containers for takeouts? Stop feeling guilty of wasting plastic and write down ‘reusable containers’ on your shopping list!

If you don’t feel like browsing store aisles, we’ve got you. In our store, we have the sleek 100% stainless-steel U-Konverse container that’ll help you stop wasting plastic containers starting from now on!

4) Reusable cup

Can’t live without coffee? Neither can we! But did you know that there’s a massive waste issue with the go-to, single-use coffee cups you get from your cafes? (You can check out this blog post where we discussed waste issues here).

Luckily, we know exactly how you can stop using single-use cups. Stojo is the solution, and it’s one that you can get from our store now! Unlike normal reusable cups, these keep cups are collapsible - just press them and put them on your backpacks, purse or even pockets!

Simply pop the cup when you’re in the cafe queue, and you’ve got an uber-cool, long-lasting, travel-friendly cup that’ll save you from wasting hundreds of single-use coffee cups per year.

Now, you’ve got four easy swaps you can start adopting to dramatically lessen your plastic waste. Let us know your other food packaging swaps and tricks that we might have missed below!


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Article written by Dan Saputra

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