6 Everyday Items You Can Pack for More Eco-Friendly Days

Sometimes we go through our days without realizing how much plastic is all around us. If you’re wondering on how to reduce your daily plastic waste but not sure where to start, here’s a checklist for a reminder of things you can pack during mornings so you can reduce your plastic waste on your days!


1) Reusable cup

No day is ready without coffee, so grab your reusable cup from the dishwasher or dish rack and avoid wasting single-use cups for your hot beverages! If you don’t have one yet, check out our Stojo collapsible (yes - you read that right!) keep cups that you can squeeze and pop, carry them around your smallest bags or perhaps, pockets. 

2) Reusable container

Whether you’re packing your homemade lunch or you’re getting go-to wraps or sandwiches on your commute or breaks, having reusable containers will keep you from wasting plastic boxes or baggies.

If you’re not stocked with reusable food containers yet, go check out our diverse collection of reusable containers in our ‘Kitchen’ store section!

3) Reusable cutleries

It’s not just plastic boxes or wraps - when getting lunches on food courts or grabbing takeout, it’s likely that they’ll probably serve you with plastic cutleries. 

But you can end this wasteful habit by getting a set of reusable cutleries! Carry them around on your go-to everyday bags and simply wash them when you get home. You’ll be saving a ton of plastic cutleries from our earth more than you realize. 

4) Lip balm

Lip balms are saviors on both dry cold winter days and sweaty summer days - but have you ever thought about where these little plastic-packed balms go after you toss them out?

But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution - check out this Meow Meow Tweet vegan lip balm that’s packed in a biodegradable tube. Get them now, roll these on your lips before putting them on your bags or pockets, and then, you’ll be truly ready to kickstart your day!

 5) Straws

Straws kill sea animals. But the good news is that reusable straws are now more affordable and easier to get than ever! Check out the U-Konserve stainless-steel straw we’ve got in our store. 

Whether you’re team bamboo or metal, you can’t leave your home without packing a handy reusable straw for your day. 

6) Grocery bags

Fold up your handy tote and put them on the side of your bag. You’ll never know when an impromptu grocery shopping trip arises, it’s best to prepare and avoid having to use single-use plastic bags!

There you have it, six key essentials for plastic-less days. Are there any handy plastic alternatives you pack daily, that we might’ve forgotten to mention? Add them on this checklist to inspire all of us, in the comment section below!


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Article written by Dan Saputra

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