A Step By Step Guide To Go Plastic-Free

So, you’ve finally made small changes to go plastic-free. Saying no to plastic bags and disposable cutlery seems logical to begin with. But how do you actually transform an entire lifestyle that goes plastic-free? Especially when we’re living in a plastic-dependent world.

Agreed that a plastic-free lifestyle is not the most convenient of choices. But with time and a little practice, these thoughtful choices become a habit. You learn to plan ahead and also end up saving some money.

Here are a few steps to help you navigate your way into a plastic-free life:

1. Use a reusable cup and bottle. Instead of buying bottled water, carry a reusable bottle filled with clean water from home. A reusable cup comes handy when you want to refuse the disposable cups. Stojo’s Collapsible Water Bottle is a revolutionary design that combines flexible, food-grade silicone and food-safe, recycled materials, resulting in a cup that's collapsible and reusable for drinking on the go. 

2. Refuse plastic straws carry your own!  Invest in good quality stainless steel straws. U-Konserve’s Stainless Steel Straws are easy to clean and are smoothly rounded.

    3. Avoid products that are packaged in non-compostable or non-reusable material. There are many products available, especially in cosmetics that are sensibly packed in either compostable or reusable packaging materials. For instance, Nudd’s Natural Deodorant not only smells all-natural, but is also free of aluminum, alcohol, and petrochemicals. It comes in a bioplastic tube made of sugarcane and is packaged in a biodegradable cardboard box.


      4. Get rid of plastic wraps for food. Instead, opt for products made out of natural products like beeswax wraps. Abeego’s Beeswax Wrap comes in different sizes and it keeps your herbs and sandwiches fresh. Made out of all-natural products this alternative is completely reusable and compostable.

      5. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush. Check out the Brush With Bamboo Toothbrush. While its handle is made out of 100% bamboo, the bristles are made out of bio-based recyclable material.


        6. Say no to disposable coffee and tea filters. CoffeeSock’s Tea and Coffee Socks are sustainable and zero-waste options. It makes sure that your tea or coffee retains its original flavor sans the taste of paper or nylon.

          Making these changes can slowly help eliminate plastic-waste from your life and get you to the path of being plastic-free in no time. All the products mentioned above and many more sustainable environment-friendly options for healthy living are thoughtfully brought to you by Circle shop. 


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