Go Green With Your Dental Routine

With increased awareness of mindful eco-friendly practices, we need to focus on the tiny details of our daily routine that affect our environment. For instance, our dental routine. Who would have imagined that a small act of brushing your teeth could actually have significant repercussions on our ecology if not done without applying some thought to it?

It does not require too much effort to Go Green with your dental routine, except for making a few conscious lifestyle changes. Here are some ways by which you can a green dental routine.

Save water—Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth. The only time you should turn it on is when you rinse. Gallons of water are wasted across the world due to our carelessness. It is high time we use water responsibly.

Save Energy—Don’t forget to turn off the switch when you leave the washroom. Replace old light bulbs for LED ones or if possible just use natural light.

Take better care of your teeth yourself—With the regular discipline of correct brushing and flossing maintain a healthy dental routine to avoid future dental work on your teeth like filling up cavities. Not only does it save you money but it also prevents the consumption of too many chemicals used in the professional dental procedures.

Buy a bamboo toothbrush—Say no to harmful plastic toothbrushes to reduce your carbon footprint. Use a toothbrush made from natural materials.

Circle Shop’s Brush With Bamboo, Bamboo toothbrush is plant-based, non-toxic, vegan, and all-natural. Its soft bristles are bio-based and recyclable. The handle is made of 100% organic bamboo. Also, the wrapper around the toothbrush is plant-based and compostable. To add to this, it can be used just as long as your regular plastic toothbrush!

Brush With Bamboo-Bamboo Toothbrush

Opt for a natural toothpaste— Natural toothpaste dissipates easier, which makes it easier on our waterways. Also, natural toothpaste does not have the artificial chemicals and additives in most regular toothpaste have.

Circle Shop’s, Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets are vegan, cruelty-free, fluoride-free, and all-natural. They give a high gloss to your pearlies. Unpaste’s polishing action removes stains on the teeth due to tea, coffee, red wine, and nicotine, making them appear cleaner and whiter. All you need to do is chew, brush, and smile! What’s more, they come packed in wrappers that are 100% compostable!

Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets

Inculcating these thoughtful steps in your daily dental routine can go a long way in reducing waste and pollution. By switching from disposables to reusables and ensuring that lights and all equipment are off at the end of the day, can also ensure savings in money, energy, and water.

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