How Circle Shop Was Founded

Have you ever wondered how our Circle Shop journey started? In this blog post, we’ll tell you how we began Circle Shop and our own zero waste journeys. We hope our story resonates with you!


Circle Shop’s story started with Elizabeth and Kanan, designers and university students based in Toronto trying to adopt a more zero waste lifestyle. Alarmed by the climate crisis, they wanted to make positive imprints with how damaging today’s consumerism culture could be.

So they started slow. From navigating the smallest shops tucked in Toronto’s deeper parts to tirelessly researching options, they found that shopping zero waste items was like finding a needle in a haystack. Often, they could only find sustainable alternatives by fluke. Not only that, being budget-conscious university students at the time, they faced endless problems finding zero waste alternatives that didn't break the bank.

But even after they’ve mapped out the wheres of zero waste shopping, they then struggled after purchasing and owning the sustainable alternatives they’ve found. A big issue into adopting the zero waste lifestyle was constantly explaining and convincing roommates or family to adapt with their new zero-waste kitchen products or cleaning supplies. They didn’t understand why Elizabeth and Kanan, in their respective homes, went so far to caring about going zero waste.

No one should face so many roadblocks trying to be more eco-friendly. So, devastated with how hard it is for one individual to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle, they wanted to make a difference.


This was how Circle Shop was born.

Elizabeth and Kanan went into the ‘why’ adopting a zero waste lifestyle was tough, and came up with three main aspects they wanted to change with Circle Shop.

Price. They created Circle Shop with prices in mind. Living and shopping zero waste shouldn’t turn bank accounts to zero.

Availability & Quality. No more endlessly searching the whole city for shops, because with  Circle Shop, now everyone can easily shop zero waste products online through a few clicks! There’s no need to worry about quality as well, because Elizabeth & Kanan ensure quality by testing every single product in their catalog!

Education. It’s sad thinking how environmental education is still lacking in our society in our current climate crisis, and Circle Shop proudly promises to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by living through example, changing consumer behavior to sustainable practices and advocating. .

We hope you enjoyed reading why we started Circle Shop! Remember, wherever you are in your zero waste journey, being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to give up your routines or do a complete lifestyle change. It's about consistently swapping in eco friendly essentials, so every day makes a difference and it is a variation only on current routine!


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Article written by Dan Saputra

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