Myth: Being eco-friendly is an expensive affair!

Eco-friendly products are products that do not harm the environment or one’s health and are manufactured sustainably. Therefore, they save a lot of unaccounted expenses on one’s health and other living expenses such as bills for lighting and heating.

However, most people are of the opinion that being eco-friendly is an expensive affair. This is a myth that has been fed on by certain elite sections of the society or social media influencers who highlight only the expensive options of eco-friendly living in a bid to appear savvy and high-brow.

In reality, it is the small changes that make a difference. A small change like choosing to walk to a place that’s at a pretty walkable distance instead of driving there can make a lot of difference in the environment, one’s health, and the wallet as well. Taking a minute to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or switching off the lights when not required is a change that is not drastic yet counts. One baby step at a time adds to a giant leap to a cleaner and greener earth.

Some of the eco-friendly options in grocery could probably be on the expensive side but don’t forget you can get eco-friendly produce elsewhere like the farmer’s markets and directly from small scale farmers. The produce at the upmarket grocery store may have traveled several miles to get to the store and that is one of the reasons this produce is expensive and probably not as fresh too. On the flip side, the local farmer does not include major transport costs which make the produce he sells cheaper. The best thing about locally grown produce is that small scale farmers use less chemicals for growth and ripening.

Most changes that we might require to make while being eco-friendly require an initial cost or rather an investment to put it in the right perspective. Whether it is giving up using disposable plastic bags and substituting them with cloth bags or doing away with buying bottled water that comes in disposable plastic bottles and carrying your own non-plastic reusable bottle from home. It is only the initial cost of buying the cloth bag or the non-plastic reusable bottle that seems to be expensive. But imagine how much you would be saving if you count the number of disposable bags and bottles of water you would have ended up buying in the long run otherwise. Not to mention the reduction in the trash that these disposable items would have otherwise caused.

The broader picture shows what works in the long run. It actually ends up being a rather sustainable and economic choice to invest in eco-friendly options which help us reuse and recycle the products. Not only are they less expensive but are also the right choices to help us lead healthier lives and save up on medical bills. 

The Stojo Collapsible Water Bottle is not only reusable but its revolutionary design combines flexible, food-grade silicone and food-safe recycled materials resulting in a collapsible cup that is also reusable. It is leak-proof and ultra-portable to fit in snugly just anywhere making it an ideal alternative to the regular disposable bottles of water we buy on the go. This is the perfect example of a one-time investment on a sustainable product that would end up saving you wads of cash that you’d have spent every time you’d buy a disposable bottle of water over a period of time.

Circle Shop’s products are thoughtfully designed to be sustainable, reusable, and recyclable. Do browse around the site to discover a range of eco-friendly products that are worth investing in so that you know that somewhere down the line you are going to make a choice that would add up to your savings!

The most sustainable option is the one you already own. Your consumption and spending can drastically be decreased so that you get to use the extra cash in products and services that you know are sustainable. Therefore, using eco-friendly and sustainable options cannot be expensive if learned and applied correctly.

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