Simple Ways in which you can contribute to help Save the Oceans

A walk by the ocean is something most of us enjoy and look forward to. The vast expanse of clear water and pristine sands soothes our nerves like magic. But wait a minute. Just when your feet are enjoying the gentle lapping of waves, something pokes into your ankle. Much to your displeasure, you notice that it is an empty bottle of mineral water discarded rather carelessly, now bobbing aimlessly amidst the seemingly clear water. On closer inspection, you discover that there’s a lot more in there. Bits of plastic containers, straws, and plastic bags have found their way into the sea. The illusion of the ocean with clear water is washed away immediately.

If only most of us would be conscious of this reality in our day to day lives, we would probably have cleaner oceans with consistent efforts. The need to save our oceans has become pressing with each passing day looking at the way they are getting abused by our careless ways.

The biggest step towards saving the oceans is by minimal or no usage of plastic at all. Non-reusable disposable plastic bottles, take-out containers, plastic bags, and straws pollute our waters, endangering the marine-life and ecosystem. When disposed, plastic eventually dissipates into smaller bits called microplastics which continue to affect the environment for decades.

There are many thoughtful ways in which you could avoid or lessen the use of plastic in your everyday lives.

Come to think of it, what is the first product that  you use in the day and probably last thing in the night that’s made of plastic? Well, most often it is a toothbrush made of plastic. How about using a toothbrush that is not made of plastic? A Bamboo tooth-brush from Brush With Bamboo, is undoubtedly a better sustainable choice. The soft-bristles that are bio-based and recyclable, made from castor bean oil. The handle is made from 100% organic bamboo and the wrapper around the toothpaste is plant-based and compostable. To top it, this toothbrush is just as long-lasting as your regular tooth-brush!

The next most common thing we could do without is a plastic straw. Ditch the plastic disposable straw when you order a drink. U-Konserve’s Stainless Steel Straw is a much better option to choose from to join the reuse revolution. The pack of two durable straws is BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free with thicker stainless steel walls and smooth edges.

When you step out of home carry with you a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water. Stojo’s Collapsible Water Bottle is a revolutionary design that combines flexible, food-grade silicone and food-safe, recycled materials, resulting in a cup that’s collapsible and reusable for drinking on the go.

And one last tip is to carry a cloth bag with you whenever you go out shopping. A conscious choice of refusing plastic bags can be highly impactful in your efforts to live an eco-friendly life. When you do use plastic, remember to recycle. The more plastic we reuse, the less is tossed into our oceans.

These are small yet sustainable practices that can help us make a big difference to the environment, especially in keeping our oceans clean. Imagine the beautiful coastline with clean waters and healthy marine-life in it. Definitely worth working towards!

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