Sustainable Candles Won’t Leave You In The Dark

The soft glow of the fire, the beautiful smell of the essential oils - the whole atmosphere of a room changes when a single candle is lit. But the innocent looking candle you’ve been burning has a very dirty secret. Chances are, it is probably made from paraffin wax, basically just fossil fuels. 


Paraffin beginnings 

Beeswax candles are the OG of all candles - they were lit in homes for a long period of time. However, around a 100 years ago, paraffin wax was developed. It was cheap, it was abundant, it did all the job that the beeswax candle did - maybe it was even better than most beeswax candles. So, paraffin candles took over. 

Burning dirty

But what most people don’t know is that paraffin wax is petroleum based. It is made from the residue of gasoline and motor oils. When it burns, along with the nice perfume additives, you are also inhaling small particles in. These particles are the same as the ones produced when diesel fuel burns. They are toxic air contaminants and carcinogens polluting the insides of  your home, sometimes exceeding recommended levels set by the World Health Organization (WHO). They enter your body, into your respiratory system, your circulatory system, your brain- increasing risks of heart and respiratory diseases

Also, fossil fuel is already associated with a lot of environmental negatives - it pollutes water, degrades land, it accumulates in landfills, and, when it burns, it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, warming Earth. Paraffin based candles only increase our reliance on fossil fuels. So, why use something that is harmful to our bodies and not eco-friendly at all? 

Why soy? 

Soy candles are game changers in the candle industry. Soy wax burns clean - so no need to worry about harmful carcinogens polluting up your home. Soy wax is completely biodegradable. It won’t contribute to landfill waste. It can hold scents and essential oils better so your room will smell nicer. It is completely renewable plant material. Additionally, soy candles burn longer at a cooler temperature compared to paraffin candles. So, the next time you want to buy candles, for birthdays, a candle light dinner, or just for your room, choose the soy ones instead.

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Article written by Sarick Chapagain

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