About Us

Hello Beautiful Human of Planet Earth,

If you want to truly make a difference, you have come to the right place! Circle Shop and its community are on an adventure to change the way the world views environmental sustainability. 

Circle Shop was co-founded by two passionate individuals, Elizabeth and Kanan on a journey to change human behaviour around the environment and climate change. A couple of years ago Elizabeth and Kanan started trying to incorporate a minimal waste lifestyle but that didn’t go so smoothly, as I’m sure you have experienced. So, Circle Shop was born to make it easy to create a sustainable lifestyle!

We will work tirelessly to be your support and trusted friend when it comes to eco-friendly home products. Our co-founders, personally test every product that is available to you and ensure to offer only the best sustainable alternatives. Our vision is to make the sustainable alternative the instinctive choice!

Education is a core part of what we do here. We realize that it is the key to changing human behaviour. Circle Shop is currently creating a program aimed at educating children and youth within Canada and around the world about climate change and environmental sustainability. 

We are so happy you are joining our community and believe in the power of change and education. 

We love your love for the environment!


Circle Shop 

Circle Shop Co-Founders

Circle Shop Co-Founders (Left- Kanan Shah, Right- Elizabeth Lo Serro)